Hearth and Home

Gold Sky Series–Book 2


Can a wealthy businessman find love as a mail order groom?

Julian Baptiste was determined to find a love as epic as that of his parents. As the son of a freedwoman and a wealthy Union solider, Julian was unique among the glittering upper 400 of New York Society. Shrewd in business and discrete with his affairs, Julian was not a man to be trifled with.

Until her. One glimpse of Violet Shield and Julian is haunted. As the cook of the boarding house where he is staying while visiting his sister Julie and her two husbands Violet is a breath of fresh air. But Julian is hesitant to call it love at such a short acquaintance and is determined to be only a friend to her.

But when an unexpected advert for a husband is placed on Violet’s behalf, the frontier cook’s reputation and her very future are at stake. And Julian finds himself stepping into a role he is powerless to resist. Mail order groom.

Amidst the wilds of the sweeping Montana frontier to the riches of the New York 400, Julian and Violet fall deeply in love. But can love be enough when misunderstandings threaten the fragile new passion they have found?


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New Girl in town


Age is just a number–Book 1


New Job, New Town….New Man?

Aurora thought that divorcing her abusive ex would be the hardest thing she ever did. Little did she know that starting over at thirty-seven would be even harder.

Moving to the small Colorado town where her best friend lived seemed like the right decision at the time. But that was before he rescued her. Grant St. John is handsome, smart, and whenever they’re together sparks fly. He seems perfect in every way but one : He’s ten years younger than her.

Even finding the man of her dreams has her on edge despite how safe she feels in his arms.

Can a decade between them be a road block to love, or is age nothing but a number?


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